How seriously do you inspect dryer vents?

Like me you may want to pay closer attention and have advisements for your clients

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Thank you Barry I put the CPSC diagram staight on my clip board.
I will be using it a lot.

Standard blurb from my report:

**Dryer exhaust ducts should be independent of all other systems, should convey the moisture to the outdoors, should terminate on the outside of the building in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions and should be equipped with a back-draft damper. **
**Exhaust ducts should be constructed of rigid metal ducts, having smooth interior surfaces with joints running in the direction of air flow. Screens should not be installed at the duct termination. Exhaust ducts should not be connected with sheet-metal screws or any means which extend into the duct. (Screens and screws can trap lint.) **

**Exhaust duct terminations should be in accordance with the dryer manufacturer’s instructions. **](](

I would use a personal story here, but, alas, it seems certain people would jump in and create a bashing thread, so I won’t. I’ll just copy the following story directly from the San Diego Union-Tribune (Sept. 14, 2007, p. B2):

I save stories like that all the time so that when a Client or Realtor asks me, “What’s the worst that could happen?” or “Yeah, but how often does that happen?” well, I think that ranks right up there. Personal stories put things in perspective for people whereas they don’t always understand the technical jargon or the warnings themselves.

Also note that the three fire extinguishers “spurted only briefly,” providing you with another opportunity to counsel your Clients about not only having fire extinguishers in the home, but having those extinguishers checked annually to make sure they work.

Now that we are taking care of our clients and the rest of the world I’ll ask all of you to inspect your own dryer vents and fire extinguishers ASAP.

You may be surprised what you find!

I found the 16 unmatched pairs of socks and 2 pair of underwear. TMI :mrgreen:

and yes my exhaust tube and dampered vent did need a good cleaning.

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This one of my pet peeves I have a lot of vert rise dryer vents in my area and have consulted with the AHJ as to their defination of cleanout. There answer was remove the dryer that is your axcess. Needless to say I am against any verticle rise vents I find them blocked all of the time.**[/size][/FONT]

You have provided some VERY useful information.
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