How to get set up for Termite, f, Mold

I am a brand new home inspector in Florida. I see others offer termite, certified roof, and mold. Any leads on how to do those and be able to do them? Thanks Mitch

You don’t need a license to do mold inspections in Florida if you have a home inspector’s license (InterNACHI pushed through legislation that exempts licensed home inspectors from having to get a mold license). However, you should take our mold courses.

Here they are:


and this one for FL:…-ce-course.htm

and this related one:


What areas do you cover?


I will take the course what about testing sources to send samples???

Welcome to my backyard :slight_smile:
What did you do before becoming a home inspector?

Licensed contractor mostly kitchens and baths

RC, BC or CGC?

We were set up for CGC

I see you are a Registered General Contractor. How is the test different from a certified GC. I know you license applies per county and certified is per state but is it a different test as well?

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Same test. Thanks.

What is the advantage to only being registered? is it more affordable or something?

I was a registered stucco contractor but they did not have a Statewide version or I would have had it for the convenience.

Just what I did at the time we only worked local

I was just curious because I did not really know they had a reg GC until after I took my test. I needed to be Statewide though “Back in the Good ole Days” so it would not have mattered to me.

Registered test are shorter than the Certified tests but essentially the same material

To do a “termite inspection” or WDO report you must be an ID card holder from the Department of Agriculture and be a Pest Control Operator or work for one as an employee.
You can not hold yourself out to “do mold” without a Mold Assessor’s license, you may test provided it is less than 10 sq ft.
Roof Certs can be done with an Home Inspector’s license or Division One Contractor’s license.

Thanks John I though it was a little different.

Mitch I can suggest EMSL for a testing facility should you have a need for mold related testing.