"How to Inspect Pools and Spas" Course

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Contact: Director of Education, Ben Gromicko ben@internachi.org

Thank you.

Benn looking all over the INACHI POOL & SPA site for a Pool and Spa.s checklist of report to install on my HIP program…

Inspection checklist for pools and spas is inside the course http://www.nachi.org/pool-spa-course.htm, after Quiz 12, inside section “Inspection Tips.”
inspection-checklist-pools-spas-bengromicko.pdf (31.9 KB)

That’s exactly what I did Ben.
Pasted the page and going to invent a report checklist on HIP…
Thanks Ben. Keep up the good work.
Thought there was a formal example.

Hey Ben, any chance of making a NACHI TV of Pool inspections course ?

Jim :cool:

Robert, if you made that Report Template in HIP and would be willing to share email me :smiley:


Jim did a pool last week on HORIZON.
Love the look. Sorry Dom.
I will send you one once I am finished.
OK Jim. Give me a shout if I forget…

Quick question/comment regarding TREC pool inspection standards. I noticed on the NACHI CE list that the Pool inspection exam is approved by TREC, however I happened to notice it is not listed on the approved CE courses list on the TREC website under the InterNACHI section. I heard through the grapevine that a CPO or CPI is required to inspect pools in Texas. So what is the true minimum requirement in Texas? Also, what is the best cert to have to mitigate lawsuits concerning pool inspections here in the great state? I am asking because I am just getting my feet wet in Texas inspections. Any help/comments are appreciated.
page 9

Thanks much.

no cert will ever mitigate anything the quality of inspection and reporting may

the approved education doc is on file as are all approved here

received full credit for license renewal

I just presented a live course on pool inspections at the Florida conference last month. I’d love to work with you on a NachiTV episode or course.

BTW: no offense but the nachi course is ready for a little updating, especially on energy issues.


HIP has a decent template on their website, just check out the list of all templates it’s near the top. You’ll probably need to change some of the terminology to fit your area though.

The question following remains:
So what is the true minimum requirement in Texas? Of course following the minimum requirement is a good way to set oneself up for failure and a lawsuit in this line of work.
For those who are currently performing pool inspections here in TX, is doing the CPO/CPI course the best method or is following a experience approach satisfactory?
Again all comments appreciated.

I know enough to know I don’t know enough.

Then you know more than most.

I can vouch that Larry did teach a good class!

Different school of thought as follows? Sticking to the TREC SOP for swimming pools (and anything else) as far as reporting is concerned will increase odds of NOT getting sued successfully. Of course, you have the duty to report any conditions that might be hazardous or unsafe as always. These conditions are observed incidentally as you inspect. And of course, CE is always good to build and reinforce your base knowledge and sensitivity to observed issues. Use your education to build a “wall” of competancy, I would say. Just my thoughts and some may disagree. But that’s OK. :smiley:

Starting pool course

Thanks for all the courses, starting another one!

Starting Course

Might as well add this to my list of ancillary services offered. Lot’s of pools in SoCal.

Minor typo, under the electrical section the ground is shown attached to the hot side of the outlet in the schematic for the GFI wiring. Could lead to confusion for some students.

Hi, Samuel.
Are you referring to http://www.nachi.org/gallery/electrical/service/gfci-branch-circuit.jpg, which appears in the course?