How to install High eff gas in/ex vent

Hello im planning on replacing my heating and cooling units (and also HWH) in my 2200sq ft colonial home w/basement.

There is a masonry chimney currently that I would like to remove, and im planning on installing a high efficient furn. with pvc vents. does anyone have any info such as links or pics that show what a typical setup would look inside and outside the house.

I have never seen pvc venting on a gas furnace before, and also im getting a new gas HWH and and need to figure out best way to vent everything.

I hope you don’t do this install yourself.

You should see two PVC pipes sticking out of the wall, on the outside, one will be for exhaust and the other for intake of fresh air (combustion air)

Sometimes there is only one “exhaust”, combustion air comes from inside.

Your Gas HWH can be vented with PVC as well. There will be a blower motor on the top of the tank.

High efficiency furnaces do not exhaust enough heat to make a chimney flue work. That’s why the PVC.

Your equipment supplier should be able to provide you with all the information but for gosh sakes let them do it!

Hope this helps

I hope you don’t do this install yourself.

I was planning on doing most of the install if not all myself.
but not for sometime. I am trying to do as much research
on installations, and to see if it will be within my ability.

I know I may need to have certain areas completed by licenced techs, and permits are cheap in my area. It would also be inspected after completed.

What could make this to difficult for me to install myself?

What are the risks invoved?

Im also thinking about using Goodman units that I found at
good prices online from a few diffent places.

You might want to check the small print in your insurance policy.

thanks, I will check my policy.

[quote=Bman Iscool]

Mr Iscool I do not mean to insult your intelligence as I have no way of knowing if you are mechanically inclined or not.

As someone that worked all of his life in this business and have owned a truck load of specialized tools to make this work look professional. I would highly recommend that you have your system installed by a professional that installs according to code and not necessarily the low bidder. I personally have worked on a train load of goodman units and would state they would be at the very bottom of my list to purchase. A person usually receives what they pay for. My personal choice’s have always been Trane, Carrier and Lennox they make a very good unit and no I do not sell them

Mr.Iscool as a city mechanical inspector i do not advise you doing this .Way to many things could go wrong,not worth jepordizing your familys lives.Matt Berman


Thank you for your advice.

Would I save if I puchaced Equipment and hire a contractor to install.
Do contractors usually markup prices.

Engineered into the contractor’s profit margin is an equipment mark-up. This is designed to cover the business’s operating costs.

Would you take a steak into a restaurant and ask them to cook it for you at a reduced price. Or take your own parts to an auto mechanic…

Would you expect warranty. Forget that. The manufacturer wouldn’t warranty the equipment if it was not installed by a licensed or qualified dealer, and same with the contractor, he wouldn’t guarantee something someone else purchased.

I was expecting an answer like this.

My AC unit believe it or not was stolen from my back yard
this winter. The furnace I have is from 1972 and has a cracked
exchanger, and top top my list of problems when my sump pump
took a crap last fall, the basement flooded. so my HWH is now
getting mildew/mold growing on it.

So Its not that im a cheap stingy prick. Im just having a hard time
pulling the extra cash out of my butt for replacements. My family
is not off to a good start this year.

I have seen some AC/Furn packages for about 2500.00

at this point I would be willing to take a chance on voiding any warranty,
but not our saftey.

Other than possible gas/exaust leaks (which would be tested), what would be unsafe about installing myself?

Buddy How can I help you. I can relate to hard times as I lost every thing except my family in a1991 F5 Tornado and then had some S.O.B’s try to steal what was left. I would perfer to communicate by private E-mail

Sorry to hear about your recent difficulties. The installation of a water heater is not very difficult and there are installation manuals provided with the units that explain the venting requirements. Without knowing you abilities, I cannot say how easy it would be for you but it is the easier item on the list to do yourself.

The furnace and AC are a different story. Installation is more than hooking pieces together. A technician uses special tools and knowledge to verify proper performance. The AC cannot be installed by a homeowner. The soldering of the lines, charging, and evacuating ect. Is very specialized and should only be done professionally! The selection of the equipment size and features for your application can affect the performance and efficiency. The installation varies greatly in each home and there may be special circumstances that you cannot determine. A skilled technician can help you make all of these decisions and save you a lot of time and money. I would hesitate picking out any equipment online yet. Without knowing what your needs are you may end up with equipment that is too big or too small for your home and are stuck selling it for half of what you paid.

Get some estimates. Have contractors actually look at the existing ductwork and do load calcs. The ductwork and venting specifics can change the cost dramatically. If you can determine the right equipment needed and find a contractor willing to match an online price or install the equipment you purchased that might save you some money.

I have to admit I have done this myself. Many years ago before becoming a home inspector, I did this on my home and a few other investment properties. I have a family member who is a very experienced HVAC tech. he got me the equipment wholesale price and we installed it on the weekend. It seemed very simple at first…the furnace itself was simple but the ductwork in most homes is done so poorly it can cause many problems. It is much more technical than most people realize and best left to the professionals. The wholesale prices are usually about half of the list price the contractors show you. There is room for negotiation and if you find the right installer, they may be willing install the equipment you purchased.

I am the type of person who does everything myself. it is one of my many interests to learn how to do something and then complete it successfully. I have done this out of financial necessity for most of my life and have learned that sometimes it is best to just let someone else take care of it. The potential for a mistake in installation of HVAC systems is just too great.

Good luck with your projects.

Hi again:

Most of the equipment suppliers in my area quote an installed price.

Most will finance it as well. Be sure to check all the options.

Have the equipment installed by a professional. It will undoubtedly be cheaper in the long run and you can just sit down, have a beer, and watch.


Call a Pro, this is not a DIY job, you will sleep better at night and wake up in the morning too.

Not if it is a concentric vent. It has a pipe inside a pipe. One intake, one exhaust.

I wouldn’t. The pro’s can’t get it right half of the time!

That figures! That is the biggest piece of $hit engineered.
It will go well with a do-it-yourself install.

Unless your unemployed, and your time is not worth anything, I would not try a new install. It’s worth the $$$ to learn to get it done right. I hope you don’t expect a warranty (Goodman dosent have a warranty worth anything anyway, so forget that). If you were replacing something with the same parts, maybe.

Do you have centeral AC to install as well?
Do you plan to get certified by the EPA as well?

I now see others have covered other serious points, so I’ll quit here.
Just don’t do it! You’ll be glad you didn’t.

Someone mentioned evacuation. In this part of Ohio, it is illegal to work with refrigerants in any manner unles the workman is trained and licensed by the EPA to do so.

This not only applies to residential A/C, but to automotive, as well.

The fines a quite steep. Some dealers won’t sell A/C units to the general public for that reason.

I realize that times are difficult for you, but trying to save a buck today will cost many more bucks tomorrow.

You’re reading posts from those who have been in the HVAC business for many years. We’re not trying to promote our own trades, but we are trying to protect you from yourself.

None of us will suffer from your mistakes–only you can walk that road. But we have seen the situation from both sides of the road, explained it to you, and now any decision is yours to make. Best of luck…

I been reading reviews online and hear some say goodman is junk.
then there are others that say they have cleaned up there act.
and are just as good as any since they have less complicated
electronic circuitry to breakdown.

has anyone witnessed problems with newer Goodman equipment? or
are people basing their opinions on old furnaces that have died after
10 or 20 years?

all opinions are appreciated thanx.