how to properly walk on a red tile roof ?

hi guys,
I am not a home inspector.
I am just trying to figure out how to walk on my red tile roof without breaking any tiles.
I have walked my own and I have already broken a tile.
Do you put your foot across the ridge of 2 tiles ?
Do you put your foot just along the ridge of 1 tiles ?
Do you put your foot diagonally across 1 tile ?
Do you put your foot diagonally across 2 tiles ?
Do you put your foot in the valley between 2 tiles ?








As a home inspector I’m not required to walk roofs as per NACHI standards. When I come across tile roof I don’t get on instead I use my binoculars from the ground and at the eaves. You should do the same. This will save you a whole lot of trouble.

Clay tile is almost impossible to walk without damaging/breaking tiles (unless you weigh less than 100 lbs.), however, if you must walk the roof, the best method is as in picture #1.

Also, you need to step where the tiles “lap” eachother (toward the lower edge of the tile). This way, you’re actually standing on 4 tiles with one foot.

Hopefully you have some spare tiles. . .

Sorry, but I have to say this… Rent a boom truck.

The only way not to brake tiles is to not touch them.

. . .and sometimes they still break.

I never walk tile roofs .

Roy sr

I agree with Jason, rent a boom truck.

Why the hell would you want to walk on them anyway?

I agree with Jeff Pope. A 26 year veteran of building customs and I have learned a variety of ways to make and do things that seem not do-able. Ideally… don’t walk on a clay roof… but if you have too… Jeff’s description is correct… Also, another method is to distribute your weight to 3 or 4 points (still on the lower edge of the tiles) using your hands. You would be basically Crab walking. (hard on back, I know from experience) Anyway… good luck.


I do not think it would be in your best interest to walk on the tiles. To even sugest a proper technique is rediculous. It is a safety hazard and may lead to damage that will be costly to repair.
Contact a professional roofer to do the job, that way, he will be better equipped to do the job right!!!

damage that only a team of doctors and physical theropists can’t fix.

thanks guys.

i walk my red tile roof to put up ham radio antennas.

so , i just wanted to find the best way.


buy a tower and save the roof.

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I would use a hook ladder and stay on the ladder. If its a lower pitch, maybe plywood- just make sure the plywood stays put.

I never walk tile roofs!

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Clay tiles should never be walked on period. I walk on concrete tiles roofs as often as I can get on them safely. They are designed to be walked on, if installed properly. In my opinon the only way to really inspect a roof properly is to walk on the roof and view all areas.

Its a matter of ethics for me and my company. If I break a tile (have yet to during an inspection…have broken several on my own roof, while doing maintenance and when I installed a skylight)…anyway I have a corporate policy that states we identify if we break a tile during the inspection (or anything else) and have a policy about how we compensate for the damage.

Maybe somebody can convince me that they can inspect a roof at the same level of detail that I can while on it, without being on it, but I dont know how .

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After everything I have read, I feel the best thing to do is not walk on clay roofs. I would advise the client of the dangers of walking on them and explain what my method of inspection would be. Play it safe and just inspect while on the ladder.

Use a spectroscope.

This thread is 10 years old. I recommend not walking clay tile.

We have a company policy of our own … DO NOT walk clay tile roofs.

Look at what you can see from a ladder, windows, or binoculars. If buyer wants more … Send them to a roofer and let him break the tiles.

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Avoid walking on clay or cementitious tiles.