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Just a note to report on the HVAC Training class Dec. 5th and 6th in Spokane. There is an HVAC training school for installers, repairmen, troubleshooting etc. in Spokane Wa. The Spokane NACHI chapter set up a training class for inspectors, which was advertised on the Nachi bulletin board.

The cost was $90 dollars, however NACHI picked up the cost for all Nachi members. The class was excellent and we had attendees from WA., ID., Montana, and even a fly-in from Michigan.

The school , class and instruction was top notch. There were working gas furnaces, electric furnaces, and an oil fired furnace, set up in the various classrooms. There were also all of the individual components of the furnaces, which were passed around and discussed, such as gas valves, oil igniters, gas meters, heat exchangers, etc.

The instructor thoroughly went through each furnace type , instructing us on function, problems, combustion air, flame characteristics, carbon monoxide, ducting, over firing, underfiring, “clocking fuel consumption”, and also on any possible question with regard to home inspection.

We are planning an additional class after the first of the year on Heat pumps, and air conditioners.

Any one who skipped the Furnace class, really missed out on a great training opportunity, an opportunity to build Inspection skills, and also an opportunity to be of better service to your clients!

Also a BIG THANK YOU! to Nick for picking up the costs. The ASHI attendees had to write a check at the class.

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Any chance they could take this show on the road to our other chapter meetings?

Joe Myers