HVAC Kenny Hart/Tom Raush

:smiley: The S.C. Upstate Chapter had the HVAC Seminar/Marketing with Kenny Hart and Nick Gromicko yesterday and I just want to recommend this class to anyone who can take it! Kenny was an excellent speaker and very knowledgeable. He spoke on Apollo systems, quite extensively on boiler systems, heat pumps, split systems, oil and gas furnices, storage and tankless water heaters. He answered everyone’s questions. Nick is a marketing Genius! He spoke on NACHI.TV and the digital wave that is going to take over in the home inspection industry! Also, how seller inspections are going to become the wave of the future. Video commercials for inspectors are coming too.

We can’t say enough about Tom Raush! He is a great guy and wants to help everyone! He is working hard to try and get NACHI Certified Training all over the United States and has been great to work with!

Our S.C. Upstate Chapter would like to thank them all for trying to bring continuing ed to everyone around the country. We look forward to having more NACHI Certified Training in our area.

Greg And Amanda Cooley
Cooley’s Home Inspection Service, LLC