I found this green course online.... appears to be free.


Thanks Nick I will see how it compares with others.

Hi Nick - thanks for the post.

If anyone has any questions about our free training event please let me know - I can reply here so others can see.

Our Green Advantage® certification training is - free - and lasts for 8 hours.

Being Green Advantage® certified can qualify for a LEED Innovation Credit. The course has also been approved for Continuing Education credits from BPI, RESNET, ABC, NABCEP and AIA.

Here is the link and please ask any questions you might have!


Thanks - Henry - Concise Courses

10 days to go… http://www.concise-courses.com/greenadvantage/

Just in case you guys forgot the course is today at 9 AM Eastern.

A little late, but my question remains as to why GBCI only allowed 1 CE for this course?

GBCI awards 1 Continuing Education hour for your Green Advantage® Certification earned within the reporting period toward the LEED® Credential Maintenance Program.

Marcel don’t worry it is not even close to your level, I am in it right now!
Still good to get a refresher though.

Refresher is it?

I’ll bet. :sarcasm:

Do you get to ask questions?


God help the rest of the attendees.

At least they should have a time limit, and is moderated.

I’m sure Kevin will be happy to answer your questions Mike.

After all,


Long webinar for 1 credit but it is FREE.:smiley:

Getting free links is always great and thanks for sharing it here. Healthy Homes Essentials are necessary sometimes.

Has anyone looked into getting HUD certified to perform “GPNA” (green physical needs assessments)?

Zero consumer demand.