I need help identifying what this component is

I need help identifying this component. Its installed on the main water line between the well pump and pressure tank.

"The Micronizer is designed to be installed in the water line just prior to the inlet of the hydro-pneumatic tank it serves. This mechanism is a venturi that draws air into the water line through the air inlet.check valve combination to continually charge the tank with air. The excess air in the tank is relieved through an AVC assembly installed in tank.

The Micronizer is shipped with the indicator arrow set at 15 degrees on the dial. This closes slightly, the larger of the two open holes inside to create a pressure differential that allows air to be drawn into the water line. The amount of air drawn in and draw time is adjusted with the adjustment knob."



Thank you so much. I’m sure they’re going to ask! I’ve seen it one other time, but I couldnt remember what it was for. Thanks again.

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You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

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From Pure Water Products website:
The main advantages of the Venturi system are its low cost, its economy of operation, and its simplicity. The main disadvantage is that the Venturi valve itself restricts water flow considerably. The Venturi works by funneling the entire water stream through a very small hole inside the valve in order to create the pressure differential required to pull air into the water line. This restricts water flow and often makes it difficult to size the filters which follow the unit, since iron filters often require significant backwash volume. Consequently, Venturi systems are most often sold as “one size fits all” units that use a standard 8" X 44" aeration tank, relatively easy to backwash filter media, and filter tanks no larger than 10" X 54".