I sware foundation holes are getting smaller

:wink: I use to just zip through holes like this but since I quit smoking and the LBS started accumulating it getting a bit harder

901 Overbrook PC 4-7-12 077.jpg

901 Overbrook PC 4-7-12 076.jpg

Heck of a place for the gas shutoff in photo #1 ??

Going to have to tighten up that built a notch or two Charley. :):wink:

Sorry I did not install it I just take the pictures if ya spend time trying to figure out why people do the things they do you will pull your hair out if you have any;-)

Lost my hair years ago, now I just shake my head ! :slight_smile:

Funny Charlie i noticed the same thing, it is a movement to avoid inspections by old guys. lol

I’m not over weight by any definition, but if I can’t access without removing my PPE (specifically, my respirator), it doesn’t get accessed and it doesn’t get inspected.

If I smell it and need a respirator to access, it won’t get inspected. :mrgreen::wink:
I fit in small holes like Charley too!

In the 16th year of doing this and I can count on one hand the crawl spaces I did not enter that is where I do my best work.
I did not inspect all of the crawl yesterday because some dummy blocked the divider stem wall hole with supply duct and all of the plumbing was on the other side

Charley that was no dummy it was a contractor from TN lol

A tub of grease works.:slight_smile: