I would Like to take Time to Thank Those That Gave So Much

I as we Grill and enjoy this day , Let us not forget The People That Made it possible.
Thank You to all The Service People That gave it All and those that are still with us Thank you So much.

Amen brother.

Yes, thank you all.

Semper Fi!

People seem to forget the this is the day to remember whose who have died protecting our freedoms.

God bless them and the families they left behind.

Michael - you are 100% correct. This day is not “veterans” day ( I am a vet). This is a day to reflect on those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for their country and its freedoms.

Reflect on what you have and how you enjoy it and then remember that many have given their lives for you to live it. Go to Arlington cemetary once in your life…it is then you begin to see the magnitude of the sacrifice…

While you are at it… DO NOT forget…


Thanks to all our soldiers .

Right on.

Thanks to all those who have served our Country.

Roy’s Country too :slight_smile:

1stSgt Christopher Coffin, Branchburg, NJ
1 Jul 2003, Mahmudiyah, Iraq

Maj Steven Plumhoff, Branchburg, NJ
23 Nov 2003, Baghram, Afghanistan

Let us all remember today is more than another opportunity for another mattress sale at Sears.

Yep. Many POWs from different countries are held in permanent captivity. Say a prayer for all of them.

I am not religious but I will sure give an “AMEN” to that.

Thank you to those that have helped allow me to still be here and for all you have done!

I just got back from spending some time with My Father in law who flew bombing missions over Japan . And thanked home for his service. A good man , close friend a wise man indeed. But also a very proud grandfather of my step son in the Air force. Thanking him brought a tear to his eye as he remembered the ones that didn’t get back. So many brave souls .