IAC2 Radon Rack Cards (pack of 50). First 3 to reply win. Merry Christmas.

IAC2 Radon Rack Cards (Pack of 50)

First 3 to reply win a pack of 50 each.

Jen the Elf will ship them.

Merry Christmas.

merry christmas

I’ll take it! Thanks

Steven L Phillips
317 midway rd
barnesville, Ga 30204

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Dustin, Thomas and Steven win.

Merry Christmas fellas.

Thank you Nick. :slight_smile:

Skyler Phillips
P.O. Box 413
Bear River City, UT 84301

Hello all…congrats winners

I win!
Brian Shriver
4014 Italy Hill Rd
Branchport, NY 14418
Size: Large

Did I make it?

Thanks for posting, this forum is now closed. Happy Holidays!