ICC Certification Requirement By Builders

Often I get told buy a client buying a new home that the builder requires “ICC Certification and 1 Million in insurance” otherwise they will not let me inspect. Last year when I got my insurance through EliteMGA they said most inspectors get 500k. Recently I asked about this 1 mil coverage and was told they never heard of any inspector having that much. I told my potential client that I guess the builder can “require” what ever they want but it is up to the buyer to say no thanks and walk away before anything will change. How do you folks handle these situations?

Any advice is greatly appreciated! Oh, this is in Georgia by the way…
Thanks!! Ron

Ask your client to check and see if the builder had the ICC certification requirement in the contract. If the builder did not stipulate restrictions in the contract, they should tell the builder that they intend to use the inspector of their choice or they’re not buying the house. $1M GL insurance is common and doesn’t cost much.

You can always offer to perform the inspection the moment they close and submit everything as a warranty claim to get around unreasonable builder requirements, then inspect it mercilessly.


Hi Chuck! Thanks for the advice!! I loved “…close…then inspect it mercilessly”!! HA!!