Illinois Has Approved InterNACHI's Free Online "Residential Structural Design Course"

Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (IDFPR) has approved InterNACHI’s free, online “Residential Structural Design for Home Inspectors Course.”

Take the free, online course.

It could be easily argued that this 33-hour long course is the most advanced course in the inspection industry.

Yep. But Illinois is kinda funny in that they approve courses in either 3 or 6 hours (max). So, for IL inspectors, it’s only 6 hours.

That dis-incentivizes Illinois inspectors from taking more advanced, robust courses. That rule is anti-consumer.

Most likely it is to make sure you take a variety of classes as you can take the same class over and over every two years and learn nothing new otherwise .

You are allowed to take electives but also must take mandatory.

Anybody who wants to learn will learn anyway and besides that what if there was no licensing at all which you are against in general as then there is zero incentive to take any classes at all for non certified Homies.

The serious guys go to monthly meetings partnered with the association online activity and network with others in the local area as good practice.

That only applies to lazy, bare minimum, inspectors.

I agree. And like any other industry, our industry has them.