Illinois Inspectors! We won one!

Seems like the Illinois Supreme Court upheld the Boynton V. Private I Home Inspections.

This means that Illinois home inspectors can limit their liability so as not to exceed the home inspection fee. All you have to do is place that verbiage in the inspection agreement. This is not only a protection against you missing something, but also against negligence, as this case calls out.

I can’t find the Supreme Court paperwork, but here is the Appelate Court ruling, which was simply affermed by the Supremes.

Hope this helps;


Yes it does.

Thanks for the update, Will.
Congratulations to the qualified Illinois Inspectors! :slight_smile:

Will is this the same case we heard about 4 years ago ?
Pretty much the message I heard last year from past idfpr prosecutor Craig Capilla acknowledged the same thing when we discussed custom contracts IMO .

Good this can be done for us however it makes carefully picking an Inspector more important and at the same time props up bad Inspectors, so mixed feelings here .

Licensing is officially simply a tax if all true.

Masochist I am it changes nothing for me.

I don’t think it “props up bad inspectors.” We live in a world where nearly all claims against inspectors have no merit.


Negligence, Breach of contract, lack of consistency.
Key terms.