I'm guessing this is a code violation???

All of these wirenuts in the panel can’t be allowed by the 06 IRC but i can’t find anything in there. Any ideas what specific section it’s in? if not how should i word this discrepancy in the report? :shock:

Wow, that’s a mess.
However, it looks like the original contractor F’ed
up on his home runs or the panel was moved, regardless, wire nut’s are allowed in an enclosure such as a panel and it is OK by code as to the best of my memory.

I would recommend A licenced sparky come out and check it just in case there are loose nuts etc.

I would like to see the rest of the panel. Got a pic of the bottom half?

Thanks for the quick reply! and yes here’s the bottom half…

That seems OK. That wire in the top right seems a little out of hand though… To much copper showing IMO…

Hmm, I see a spot or two were there are 2 or more ground wires under one lug… Code says otherwise… Report should say these things with NO code reference. Consult a licenced and qualified electrician for further examination and recommendations for repairs … Or something like that…

Some authorities may object to bundling all those wires with a zap strap on the left side. This can lead to a buildup of heat.
I’d want the grounds checked if that was my place, the others would be self evident.
If this is new construction it is indeed a f#$%up. If it’s an older house, it’s a panel upgrade, may be excusable.

John Kogel

Much thanks Tallen

You are most welcome. I have not had the pleasure of helping anyone on this board for quite some time.:smiley:

yup new construction…thanks for the post!

Those wirenuts are 100% legal in that panel, safe, and a very common sight to see.

Actually code says that is fine. It’s neutrals that must be alone in each hole.
Most modern panels can accept up to three grounds of the same size per hole.

Wires can be spliced in a panel, providing that the termination is inside the panel. So long as adequate space exists, it is absolutely permissible.

This could be an issue where some crackhead cut all the copper out of the panel to sell for scrap.

If we called out a sparky for all the loose nuts - they’d be so busy here on the message board, wouldn’t get any work done! :shock:

Jim I think you’ve got it right somebody ripped off the wire and the electrician did not want to rerun the home runs again. The NEC allows splices in a panel to fill up to 75% of the cross-sectional area as long as the wires terminate in the panel and are not just feeding through 312-8 NEC. Looks bad but legal.

…just not used as a junction. Junctions are not permitted.

Thank you for the correction Speedy…:slight_smile:

I guess I was thinking about different sized wires terminating under the same lug. It’s been a while…:wink:

Could you explain this a little for me please?

Are you saying that I couldn’t have three wires under one wire nut?

Are you saying that I couldn’t have a wire come from outside the panel, be joined under a wirenut in that panel and then leave the panel going somewhere else?

Either of the two mentioned above would be code compliant if they did not take up more than 75% of the cross sectional area of the panel.

You are able to have three wires under a wirenut. You cannot use the panel as a ‘pass through’ j-box… having a switchleg come from one raceway and enter into another raceway as an example.


I thought that this was not permitted. The panel may not be used as a junction box, which is what you describe.

Old, dead panels are often used for this (an upgrade), but that’s something different.

Old wives tells gets started and leads to so much confusion that it is a wonder how anyone knows what is allowed and what is not allowed.

The key word in this statement is “unless”.
If the cross sectional area is not filled more than 75% then taps are allowed in the panel enclosure.

Does it look pretty? NO
Is it allowed? Yes