Important Question for tenant in Georgia (posted by LaWanda Hugley)

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I asked my landlord if she could have my unit check for mold, because of my son allergies. She then in turned call a home inspector to come out to check my unit out. I was asked to leave my unit so that he could perform the test. After everything was completed know one told me the findings. The inspector talked to my landlord, but he didn’t talk to me and neither did my landlord. So after all that, I still don’t know what is going on. I wanted to know, “do I have the right to be informed of the finding and within in what amount of time”? " I also want to know if I am not informed what recourse of action can I pursue to ensure that if there is a problem it is dealt with and I am not forced to live in mold unknowingly"?

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I would suggest contacting your city as most have rules and regs for landlords.

More than likely the inspector will only reveal the results of the test to his client only (your landlord). Since your landlord was responsive enough to have the tests taken, it seems surprising that he hasn’t shared the results with you.

Could it be that the actual results haven’t come in yet? While the inspector did speak with your landlord, the sample results may take as much as two weeks or more to return from the lab. It might be that they just don’t know yet?

I concur with Marks post.

I would further add that if you have a dispute, or have doubts about the information your landlord provides, that you should have a test performed that you pay for. That way, you are the client, and you will receive the results.


You may also try to contact some folks at the Dekalb Housing Authority for questions. They deal with this everyday.

You might try talking with Maurice Farmer.

I’d be curious as to what kind of testing they completed. Did the inspector just look around or did they actually use mold testing equipment for testing?