In the attic - Help needs

Anyone can help me?
I took a picture on attic space but it looks atypical.
How do I comment?

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You should read the following articles…

I can’t tell from this photo much about the roof framing. If these ceiling joists are supposed to serve as rafter ties, I would suggest the following:

“Ceiling joists used in this type of roof construction are designed to act as rafter ties, connecting together the bottoms of opposing rafter pairs. Because ceiling joists fastened to the bottoms of opposing rafters failed to connect to each other, they will not provide the desired structural connection. This condition may allow sagging of the ridge and spreading of the exterior walls, possibly resulting in structural damage to the home. The Inspector recommends correction by a qualified contractor”.

I’d bet there were raised ceilings below those two areas. The top joists are just holding up the drywall ceiling in the raised area.