In the program, dubbed “Two Techs in a Truck,”

Interesting reading…

Why People Aren’t Sold on Energy Efficiency in their Homes

I am not sold on most of it myself.
Everything is ying and yang.

If everyone in a city went 100% energy efficient and say they saved 50% on energy use the bills would still be the same as the utilitie companies would then simply raise rates by the same amount to continue profit margin so in the long run consumers would spend to retrofit for nothing.

Reward is expense and tight fitting homes with poor air exchange and mercury filled bulbs.

I couldn’t agree more!

I don’t even waste my time trying to advertise and promote energy audits. Most people don’t spend money unless they have to, myself included.

Just the threat of energy audits are causing rates to raise. Save energy, but not money. This, IMHO, is nothing but a modern marketing scam to get people to save energy, so utility companies do not have to expand their production/output/power plants.

Sure, there are older homes out there that are energy hogs, but people still love to live in these older, character-feeling older homes. They realize that they have to pay higher utilities to live in these homes.

90% furnaces will be all that you will be able to purchase soon, and the HVAC companies will make millions. Government in action, with their political contributors in tow.

If you “Certified Thermographers” really understood weatherization issues and testing, you would be able to fix building issues using weatherization standards of testing. But don’t let me get in your way. I’ll collect $$$ all day long from your inabilities…

Until I got some training in building science, and began to understand the poor construction techniques of the last 40 years, I use to think the same way…
But, as they say, education on any subject helps to provide a better understanding.
Tight fitting homes ARE the goal, but with PROPER ventilation, to prevent appliance venting problems, IAQ problems, etc. etc. etc…
I believe its the ASHRAE 62.2-10requirements, that tell you how much is required, etc…
I’m not trying to encourage anyone with energy savings, but do want folks to know that its their money going up the chimney, and they can slow that process considerably with just air sealing and insulation first, before the big bucks are spent on things like windows and HE systems, etc.

This program, formerly called Two Techs in a Truck has now been dubbed, EnergySmart and here is their website:
Notice how many homes and businesses have followed though on the auditors suggestions and made upgrades, with utility rebates. Happy testimonials on their site say quite a different story from the one in this 2010 article that this thread started with.