Inappropriate circuit breakers (?)

Two of my recent inspections had Square D panels that had dual HOMT circuit breakers that did not appear to be properly seated, nor (as best I could tell from the rating tag) appropriate for the panels, for which only HOM circuit breakers appeared to be appropriate. The breakers in question are on the top right of the panel. See pics for additional data.

I hedged a bit on my write-up, and said the HOMT circuit breakers appeared to be mismatched and poorly seated, and recommended they consult a licensed electrician regarding this.

So, are these circuit breakers acceptable?

Also, do any of you have freakishly similar findings come up within a short period? For example, this year I had a run of several inspections in which the same mid 1980s Bryant furnace model was present.

(Anyone spot the other obvious potentially serious defect in pic #2?) :shock:


WOW! I cannot believe someone left a panel like that! :shock:

Yes, they are the proper breakers…in a HOM panel that will accept them. That panel does NOT.

As expected. Thanks, SP. I take it you caught the other defect …

Good eye, Frank…I’m surprised they didn’t hammer them in.:shock:

Always good to look closer when one sees retail price tags, too.

Yah, Larry, I didn’t see any hammer marks … though Curly might have taken a few from Moe during the installation …

I almost took a double look but quickly relized this is a correct breaker but this panel box is not listed to take the twinner breaker at all.

that breaker box only listed for fullsized breaker only.

so that is a good catch.

BTW , IIRC most SqD HOMELINE breakers with twinner verison do have a notched or oversloped in front of the breaker so that way it will not seat in the breaker box fully at all the approved breaker box that can take the twinner useally are notched bussbar.]

Merci, Marc

P.S keep in your mind the QO series are diffrent on this matter the latter one do have a cam on rear mounting clip.