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Unsolicited, fyi… I also believe the same credits would be available for Nachi CEU’s.

Here are some important pieces of information about our upcoming sessions:
1. The Markham session of the IAQ and Housing Durability Series has been rescheduled for later this month. Here are the new dates:
* Hamilton (January 24-26) . The Hamilton session is hosted by Green Venture.
* Markham (January 31-February 2)

 2. Also, this week is the last    week to take advantage of the regular registration fees. Seats are still    available in each location.

 3. We have received confirmation    of additional continuing education credits from the Institute of Inspection,    Cleaning and Restoration Certification and Ontario Association of Home    Inspectors. Anyone who is eligible may request 7 CEUs (OAHI) or 1 (IICRC/Mold    Category) after successfully completing a course.

 4. You can complete your secure    online registration at [](    , download a faxable regisration form [](    or contact us directly at 1-800-785-4110. We'll be happy to answer your    questions and register you for any of our sessions.

 5. Here are a few comments from    attendees at previous courses:
 *       "The whole course    was excellent."* Tom Lloyd, Dakota Home Inspections*
 *       "I was very    impressed with the information and delivery. It is all very relevant to our    organization and will undoubtedly be used in the future."* Mary-Lynn Huff,    Ongwanada*
 *       "All of it [most    useful part of the course] as I am a maintenance mechanic and deal with    exactly all of this info all the time."* Daren Williams*,* Six Nations    Housing*
 *       "Very    informative. Great resource kit filled with a wealth of information. Highly    recommended."* John Peters, At Home Building Inspection    Services*
 *       "Very informative    course with lots of helpful information. Great presentation. Will definitely    be in touch."* Steve Kerton, Georgian College*
 *       "Highly recommend    to all in housing industry."* Jon Vink, Manus Management & JSVinc    Consulting*
 *       "Very well    delivered course. Informative and interesting."* Paul Barry, AmeriSpec of    Etobicoke and Mississauga*
 *       "Bill did a    wonderful presentation. The knowledge I can use for self protection and    homeowner protection [which] will now be put into place by me."* Gary    Brayshaw, John Newman Contracting*

 **Brief Summary of    Courses**
 The series of three courses will    help you as a housing practitioner to increase your decision-making and    on-the-job skills. Each course has practical approaches and resources that can    be used immediately. Courses can be taken individually or consecutively as a    series. Continuing Education Credits are available from many organizations in    North America and regionally for eligible participants who successfully    complete a course.

All courses will be of interest to renovators; builders and staff; housing inspectors and building officials; property and housing managers; HVAC professionals; home maintenance and repair practitioners; public health professionals; real estate and insurance professionals; and other housing practitioners.

Resolving IAQ and Housing Durability Concerns: The Essentials looks at causes of and solutions for indoor air quality and housing durability concerns. Visual case studies are used to explain basic building science (how a house “works” as a system), pollutant sources (e.g., building materials, house operation issues, mechanical system deficiencies), health issues, moisture, mold and other biological or chemical problems. This course will benefit anyone who wants to build their practical skills in recognizing causes and developing solutions for IAQ and housing durability concerns. More details:

Investigating IAQ and Housing Durability Concerns:* An Efficient Method* demonstrates practical tools, techniques and checklists to perform a simplified, systematic, building science-based investigation to identify IAQ and housing durability concerns. Through visual case studies and small group sessions, participants will learn how to conduct a brief, effective investigation, consider their observations and create an action plan for the client. This course will benefit anyone who wants to increase their investigative and decision-making skills related to IAQ and housing durability concerns. Resolving IAQ and Housing Durability Concerns: The Essentials is recommended as a pre-requisite, but not required. More details

 *Mold Assessment and Clean-Up:    Residential, The Essentials* focusses on breaking down the process of    assessing and cleaning up residential mold contamination into 13 manageable    tasks. Real life situations are simulated in the classroom with numerous    visual case studies. Learners use the case studies to develop their    decision-making skills related to each of the 13 tasks. More details [](

We look forward to hearing from and invite you to visit our Web site at to learn more about our courses and our company.

Julie Levi and Bill Boles, IAQRC partners

All the best,
Julie Levi
Communications & Training Consultant/IAQRC Partner

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Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

I’ve taken this course from Bill Boles. It is sponsered by CMHC.
When you have completed the “theory” you submit a full report on the second house that is inspected during the course and pass it, you then enter the field training part that calls for 3 full inspections and reports that cost $275.00 for each to be reviewed. When you complete this CMHC will put you on a referral list. In Alberta there are currently two people on the referral list.
Alberta CAHPI has a bunch of inspectors on their referral list that say thay are qualified to do IAQ inspections. They are not on CMHC’s list. I have asked them what their training was but have not had a reply. Typical Sercet service.
I’m in the program but here in dry alberta there is not much call for IAQ inspections.
](*,) Hope spring eternal.

Hi Vern Bill Boles asked me to post this to clear things up. Raymond Wand Alton, ON __________________________________________________________ Hi Vern, I noticed your response to Ray Wand’s posting about our IAQ and Housing Durability series of courses (attached below). I’m afraid you are referring to the wrong course. The course that you refer to is the IAQ investigator training course that I used to deliver on behalf of CMHC. I no longer deliver that training. I left the CMHC IAQ training team in December of 2004. My partner, Julie Levi, and I formed a private company, IAQ Resources Canada, because we believed that there was a need by housing professionals, including home inspectors, for a different approach to IAQ and housing durability training. We are completely independent. Our training is not connected to or sponsored by CMHC in any way. Since I continue to perform IAQ inspections on occasion, I believe that I am still on the CMHC list of those who have completed their IAQ investigator training, although I have never seen a current list. I don’t know if the CMHC investigator training is very active or not. The approach that we take in IAQ Resources Canada is to try to provide housing professionals with practical information, products and training that they can use in their businesses right away. To that end, we are currently offering three one-day modules in our IAQ and Housing Durability Series: -“Resolving IAQ and Housing Durability Concerns: the Essentials” which provides an overview of typical problems and practical solutions available; -“Investigating IAQ and Housing Durability Concerns: an Efficient Method” which provides any housing professional with a practical method (including investigation and suggestion checklists) to perform a brief IAQ and housing durability inspection and deliver a useful suggestion list to their clients right away without a huge investment of time on-site or in the office writing reports. As noted above, there is no field training component to this course. As soon as a participant has completed the one-day course, our unique, copyrighted checklists are available to photocopy and use right away. There are no extra charges or requirements. -“Mold Assessment and Clean-Up: Residential, the Essentials” breaks the sometimes overwhelming prospect of a mold problem into 13 practical tasks. Along with a lot of other practical information, the course explains current industry guidelines from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Institute for Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), the Canadian Construction Association (CCA), the Environmental Abatement Council of Ontario (EACO), the New York City Department of Health and some CMHC publications. The course manual is our own publication, the Mold Resource Kit: Residential, Assessment and Clean-Up, 2nd edition, a $90 value that is included with the course fee. All of our courses are recognized for continuing education or membership renewal credits from ASHI, BPI, IICRC and now NACHI as well as from some regional associations. We have scheduled courses in Calgary and Edmonton in late March / early April. We’d be glad to see you there. We’ll be sure to send you more detailed information that might be of interest to you and to some of your associates in the area. Anyone who attends any of our courses can also take advantage of an immediate free one-year listing in our online Professional Services Directory. I hope this clears up any confusion about our courses. If you have any other questions, please contact me. Since our association with NACHI has just begun, we are anxious that other NACHI members might think that coming to our courses is only the beginning of their costs, which is certainly not the case. We would appreciate it if you could send a brief note to the NACHI message board to clear this up. Thanks for your interest and I hope to see you in a couple of months. Regards, Bill Boles Learn more about IAQ Resources Canada Office voice (613) 756-5651, office fax (613) 756-5564 Bill Boles voice (613) 756-3019 Bill Boles fax (613) 756-7968