Induced draft fan

The furnace is a 1995 Trane.

What is the best way to tell if the Fan is working. Most models you can see the fan spinning.This type you cant. Some times I see condensation around the vent and this may indicate an inpoperable fan.

This unit also didnt have a cabinet safety switch. Is this required?



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I would assume that there must be some moving parts which would indicate that the fan is running. You couldn’t see the fan shaft/axle?

The “cabinet switch” has been required for the last twenty+ years, but it’s located in the return air compartment, not the upper cabinet. It’s purpose is to keep byproducts of combustion (from the burners) from entering into the return air compartment and being distributed into the home.

You should be able to hear it, most are on the noisy side. I see the motor ventilation holes, you should be able to see the stator turning.

I agree with James. The ones I’ve seen (heard) operating are not even close to being quiet.

Also the burner will not light unless the draft is “proofed” by the pressure switch.

I will admit, HVAC is not my strongest field, but isn’t the stator a stationary (non-moving) part, with the rotor being the moving part?

Good catch Jeff! That is also my understanding.

That is correct, Jeff…

Kewl. . . :cool: