Industry Vendors are Donating Prizes for Online Christmas Party

Many thanks to Inspector Outlet for donating 11th Month Warranty marketing pieces: 11th Month Warranty Inspection Marketing Piece (Pack of 50)

Many thank to Inspector Outlet for donating Inspector-at-Work signs: InterNACHI Inspector at Work STOP Signs

Many thanks to the MICB for donating CMI throw rugs:

Many thanks to Inspector Outlet for donating inspector tool bags: InterNACHI Tool Bag

Many thanks to Home Inspector Pro of donating a full copy of Home Inspector Pro for Windows/Mac + HIP Mobile!


You mean 11.5 months ago? “Those were the days” 11.5 months ago? I’m not following what you mean. Christmas only happens once a year. Can you explain what you mean by that?

And no selling of private information to Parasites required …Thanks Dom as you are one of the few remaining Vendors dedicated to helping Inspectors without trying to profit from personal data .Should also mention you are now officially the largest and best Report software in the world .The upgrades this past year have been amazing.

Many appreciate the dedication which is why your FB is over 1500 members as a great source of information and customer service .

Also Thank You Nick for the NACHI gifts not all related to Parasites .

Who said it wasn’t true, I said I remember those days and they were great. Are you saying they won’t still be true?


Thanks Nick and all that donated . Now when is it lolol

Many thanks to Secure24 for donating a $100 Lowe’s Gift Card!


Dom was part of HON which was bought by Porch, kicking this whole thing off.
Dom helped set up repair checklist that is now a part of the ISN / Porch system.

Many thanks to Joe Ferry The Home Inspector Lawyer for donating six 12-month memberships to ClaimIntercept!

Many thanks to Infraspection Institute for donating a tuition voucher for Infraspection Institute’s Distance Learning Course,* Infrared Inspections for Home and Building Inspectors*!

For more information about the course, go to Infrared Inspections for Home & Building Inspectors.

Thank you to Jim Seffrin and Joe Ferry, and all the other great industry vendors.

Dec 20 is the big day.

Any Partner Vendors that want to get the ball rolling…my address is in the signature. :slight_smile:

Has a date and time been set yet? I haven’t seen anything.

It is the 20th of December, it is BYOB, don’t forget to bring something to the party!

Sure, the industry, the site, the vendors - even the inspectors - have changed and evolved. One thing has not, nor will ever, change -
Nick’s dedication and generosity.
I don’t check the boards that much these days; Jeanne’s doing most of the inspections while I do mold tests, teach NRA classes, and play gentleman farmer. A big “Merry Christmas” to my fellow dinosaurs, and a hearty “Welcome Aboard” to you less-than-10-year members!


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