Industry Vendors are Donating Prizes for Online Christmas Party


Industry vendors are donating tens of thousands of dollars worth of prizes for our Annual Online Christmas Party! We’ll announce all donations that will be prizes up for grabs in this thread.

The party date will be announced soon!

When is the party?

Many thanks to HomeGauge for donating ten packages!

Five InterNACHI® HomeGauge Packages including:

  • 1 main version of HomeGauge Software
  • 1 Android or iOS HG companion license
  • 1 year of HomeGauge Services
  • Non-transferable license winner

Five Website and Business SEO Packages including:

  • a custom website in WordPress
  • free six-month website hosting
  • a professional writer to help create website content
  • two blogs during month five and six
  • inclusion in SEO Builder for six months
  • Afterward, winner pays $25, $50, or $199 a month depending on interest in the different hosting plans.

$17,000 value of HG prizes!

Homegauge steps up big time.

Many thanks to HomeBinder for donating the free use of HomeBinder for all of 2018 to two inspection firms!

Up to $4,000/each value (volume dependent - that would be for firms doing ~2,000 inspections a year).

Wow! I love it!

Many thanks to Spectora for donating three prizes!

  1. Free six-month software subscription
  2. Half price website ($300)
  3. Free SEO audit with recommendations

Many thanks to America’s Call Center for donating new client service discounts including 50 percent off the one-time registration fee and waiving the first-month base rate fee!

A $410 to $590 value!

Message from America’s Call Center: Happy Holidays from ACC! ACC is a true extension of your inspection business, your strategic partner teaming with you to make 2018 a great year for you with more inspections, more add-on services per inspection, more revenue, and also giving you more time and freedom!

Many thanks to EZ Home Inspection Software for donating a free full version of EZ Home Inspection Software or free setup of a Business Website Plan ($30/mo hosting fee required). The winner chooses their preferred prize!

Has a date been announced yet?

Many thanks to Inspection Services Group for donating 11 packages!

  1. Two prizes packages of two years free service from NXTINSPEKT. At $4 inspection, this has a value of $1,600!

  2. Two prize packages for picking any two custom online marketing videos from Inspector Services Group YouTube Channel. A $300 value!

  3. Five prize packages for ten free InspectorLab lab fees - InspectorLab. A $200 value!

  4. Two prize packages for $300 toward any inspection service from Inspection Services Group (full package, RecallChek, 90 Day Warranty, Sewergard, Concierge Service, Radon Protection, Mold Safe, Roof Protection, Top 3.0, InspectorShop, Call Center, or Termite Warranty) - Inspection Service Information

A $5,400 value!

Many thanks to Empowered Point of Sale for donating a $100 gift card to TGI Fridays Restaurant and Bar!

Can we just have Porch and American Family related Vendors give their spiel and pass out the prizes and get it over with ?

Looks like all the vendors are data brokers giving away memberships to their junk to collect more data ?

I remember the days here when Nick gave out useful and fun things like flashlights, mugs, pens, books etc… and stuff.


Yeap. Those were the days. I won a lot of nice tools and books, useful items. Now the Christmas Party is geared toward hustling newbies that have yet to realize they do not need Any of these marketing gimmicks to be a successful home inspector.

Maybe it’s time for the dinosaur. That’s what you need to succeed.

Many thanks to InterNACHI for donating 5 packages!!!

  1. 5 lifetime memberships to InterNACHI :shock:

A value of over 1 HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS. :cool:

Can you try to get Retrotec to donate a blower door kit?

Many thanks to the Master Inspector Certification Board for donating a dozen CMI golf balls:

You mean like 11.5 months ago? What Christmas Party wasn’t that true? Name the year that wasn’t true.