Infrared Certified Class in Boulder, Colorado

You’re invited to an Infrared Certified® class at the InterNACHI University Building and House of Horrors, in Boulder, Colorado on April 22 - 24, 2016.

We have a free one-evening event, open to everyone! Limited to 50 attendees, so register now.

We have a two-day class for an introductory price of $390! Only 16 seats available, so reserve yours now!

Register for the Infrared Certified Class

I’m attending.

I will get out there to represent The BrickKicker Chicago Operation

Andrew Fox
General Manager
The BrickKicker

You are registered for the Friday, April 22 event (free) 6-9 pm.

If you want to enroll in the Sat and Sun Infrared class on April 23-24
then go here to make your payment of $390 (only 16 seats available)

Email me if you have any questions… <>

The free event and IR class is filling up fast!

Not many seats left.

The Free Friday event on April 22 is FULL.

If want to enroll in the two day infrared class, do it now. It is filling up as we speak.

We will have to do another event in the near future. More news to follow.

5 seats left for the infrared class on Sat & Sun at InterNACHI HQ

Act now, these will be gone soon.

4 seats left.

All seats are full.

I keep seeing that the course is scheduled in April but the actual application denotes May, are there two courses or a typo.
Which is the correct month.
Thanks Paul

The April class is all filled up. We’re now registering student for May’s class. Please visit for details about May’s event.

The event/class in April is sold out. It will happen, as stated, for those who
secured a seat.

A new event/class is now set up for May. Seats are open for this, but seating
is limited.

A new thread was started to announce the new event/class in May