Infraspection Institute Now on Twitter

Dear All:

Infraspection Institute is pleased to announce that it has established a presence on the social media website, Twitter. This move will enhance Infraspection’s ability to convey information to its clients, friends, and Followers in a timely and convenient manner.

Prior to joining Twitter, Infraspection gave careful consideration to its usage. Not wanting inundate its Followers with trivial information, Infraspection has developed policies regarding the type of information that it will tweet. Those following Infraspection on Twitter can expect to receive timely and relevant information along with benefits such as special offers and discounts that are available exclusively to its Followers.

Those interested in following Infraspection must have a Twitter account which is available for free. Twitter members can follow Infraspection by visiting the Twitter page of the Infraspection website and clicking on the follow button.

Awesome Jim.