Inkgrabber now gives NACHI members 20% off on ink cartridges.


Here"s Gary!

I ordered some. Will try to remember to give feedback on the ink quality.

We used InkGrabber for remanned HP #14 and #56/#57 cartridges for just shy of a year (probably @ $600.00-$700.00 worth of product). Shipping was prompt, product was of good quality, and the price seemed quite competitive, even without the “20%” discount.

Problem was, like almost all remanned cartridges, they do NOT contain the same quantity of ink as the OEM’s. We’re back to the HP OEM’s…in the end, our take was that it was just about a wash. The 20% may give the remans a slight edge. Good luck actually trying to figure it out, particularly if you print a wide variety of documents (i.e., some with more text/graphics, some with less). Also, when you go trying to find-out just how many ml. of ink you’re getting with the remans, most of the remanufacturers are less than…forthcoming…with the data. Go figure!