inspecting a/c systems

I’m training to be a home inspector.In a section of the course it says to not test the cooling if below 65 degress.In Florida the typical system has a condensor outside with a air handler inside. The condesor will run in the heat mode during the winter, it seems to me you could call for cooling to test the cooling mode.Any thoughts?

Typical setup here is a forced air gas furnace with A coil for cooling and of course a condenser outside. I don’t test the AC unless its 60 or above.

We also have heat pumps, in that situation I run either cooling or heating depending on time of year. If the cooling mode is operating then the heat mode should operate as well
unless the reversing valve is not working. And I always test the emergency heat mode whatever time of year. 60 degree rule still applies.

Tom every time a HP goes into defrost it is operating in the cooling mode so why would it hurt to actually turn the HP Stat to the cooling mode???:wink:

You can always learn how to cycle the defrost system. You would then be actually evaluating all of the HP heating system…

You da man Charley! :o

Good feedback, thanks guys

When I was going thru HVAC school, I was already doing home inspections and had been for years. I asked the instructor about this “rule” and he just laughed and laughed.