Inspecting Furnace in Summer Months

A quick question to see how many of us inspect the furnace on a 85 Degree day when the A/C has been running for the last 24hrs. Is there a potential for damage to the coil or unit if you give it a 1-Hr break before running through a quick cycle.

Thanks in advance!


Are you talking about a gas furnace, boiler or a heat pump?
A boiler I can’t help you. The other two I just test them. You don’t need to run a furnace more than a minute or two. If its working, its working.

I find a lot of leaks in HE furnaces and that takes more than a couple of minutes of running to see.

Where do you find leaks?

I run the the furnace no matter the outside temperature.

I view the flame and run it until the fan kicks in.

What else are you looking for?

If you don’t operate it long enough to ensure the safety switches do not turn off the burner before the stat satisfies your not accomplishing anything useful. You may as well do nothing

What are you trying to say?

I did not studder thought that was pretty clear hows your reading comprehension :shock:

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Not disagreeing with what you said but it was not clear.

He is saying to leave it on long enough to reach the thermostat temp that you set because sometimes the flame will turn on and on before it reaches the temp

Then why didn’t he say so?

If that is what he meant, he is wrong.

Once the blower kicks on and the flame is still going, the next significant event is satisfying the thermostat however long that might take.

Going to the thermostat and returning it to ambient or less is just as effective.

That is correct when the burner goes off you must determine if the stat satisfied or a safety shut the burner off. My suggestion is don’t listen to people that just like to talk to hear their head rattle

BS 100% pure.

Which safety is going to shut down the burner after the blower starts running and is producing heat at the registers?

Read your SOP and put your HVAC tech/farmer hat somewhere else.

The high limit switch you dummie they are a very common switch to fail if you knew the difference between sickum and cumhere you would already know that your just showing your ignorance here best go back to NFE thread and talk your BS with the other morons

I am well aware of the high limit switch farm boy.

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Thanks Charley for the confirmation to run the heater for a spell to make sure it is cycling properly.

Your welcome neighbor any time I can help

I let it run for at least ten minutes to ensure that it’s not short-cycling. If it’s going to short cycle, it will occur within 10 minutes. The longest I’ve ever had to go to verify short-cycling was 8 minutes.

Agreed, let it run for a bit too ensure its operating ok.

Run it after ac to stay conscious, if in a hot climate :smiley: