inspecting old homes

Hello all,
I am going to be inspecting a home that was built in the early 1900’s. Are there any special concerns I should be aware of when inspecting a house this old? Any input would be greatly appreciated as I have never inspected a house this old.
Larry Martin
Mother Lode Home Inspections

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there are concerns, In New England homes from this period usually had granite stone foundations which if not properly maintanied can leak pretty bad causing foundation movement and lots of repointing at a min, the sewer & drain line might be old cast iron, possible abestos on old boiler lines or exterior sideing, knob & tube wiring & on & on


Where is the home located?


Watch for knob and tube wiring.

Especially in attics where insulation has been added and dangling wires in crawl spaces that may still be “hot”. Wiring in general needs extra attention, in a hundred years many strange modifications may, and usually, hame been made.

Check the attic before walking the roof, I always do that anyway, but in some of those old homes you can much more eaisly step through some opening in the sheathing hidden by the roofing material.

Old houses can be a real pain, and take much more time generally than newer construction,…Charge More.

Here’s something that you might want to use.

This is an older home with sloping floors,wall/ceiling cracks, and some doors may not be square. These conditions are common in older homes. The extent and cause of these conditions are not within the scope of our inspection. The client may wish a further examination by a structural engineer.

hope this helps

Thanks for the info folks…By the way the house in on the west coast in the sierra foothills…