"Inspecting Tile Roofs" online video course

Inspection & Writing Assignment:

Tiles: Tile type, composition and manufacturing seem to be the most critical issue in tile choice. Tiles have failed for a number of reason in the fast because it usually take several years to evaluate whether a new tile product is good or bad. Fiber cement tiles had incompatible constituent materials and therefore are no longer manufactured. Just the fact that its not advisable to walk a tile roof makes me glad to have a composition roof on my home.

Research & Writing Assignment:

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Research & Writing Assignment:

For this assignment I read the article, Mastering Roof Inspections: Tile Roofs, Part 6. The article went into a little more detail than the course on the installation practices for tile roofs. This was very informative and educated me a little more on the installation. I have never lived in an area where tile roofs are common so I really don’t have much experience with this type of roofing system. I actually worked for a roofing company while in high school and college and am very familiar with asphalt shingle but tiles were completely foreign, this article helped me better understand there function.

Inspection & Writing Assignment:

While the home inspector was inspecting roof it appeared there were shigles that were moving on the roof. Inspector slightly lifted the shingle and it appeared the bonding had live it life. Inspector recommends a roof inspector to evaluate the extent if any work that needs to occur

Research & Writing Assignment:

It is so important for a home inspector to thoroughly inspect a roof. Water infiltration thru a roof can be very damaging to a home therefore we need to ensure we are aware and also state in the report our findings and also take lots of pictures

Inspection & Writing Assignment:

The tile roof pictured appears to be in good shape. From the sample seen, it appears as though the clay roofing materials were properly installed and there is no apparent damage. There appears to be some vegetative matter on some of the tiles that can be addressed with routine maintenance. The ridge tiles also appear to be in good shape and installed properly. From the sample seen there appears to be no chipping or cracking and the flashing is in tacked.

Research & Writing Assignment:

Mastering Roof Inspections: Tile Roofs, Part 1.The information in this article is very helpful in understanding some of the benefits to tile and concrete roofs. A class A fire rating is very good if you live in an area prone to wild fires. Tile roofs have a good wind resistance which is good for those states that have hurricanes.

I am just beginning the tile roof course

Taking his course along with th inspecting roofs course. Originally in Michigan where tile roofs were very rare to South Florida where they are ubiquitous. Almost every aspect of construction here is vastly different.

Question on installing counter flashing in the mortar joints. What is holding it in place?
Is it just filled with Grout or Adhesive?

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This is my last course required for Florida state licensing. 4 mock inspections, the final final, and then the state exam. Then I’ll really find out what I know and don’t know. Already planning on brushing up on a couple of my weakest subjects, then getting more certifications.

Have you found any training videos on tile roof inspections?

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Its not organized the best. Fast forward to where all of the articles are. Scroll way down to the roofs part and print off all seven articles. Staple each one and you now have seven work books, plus the roof book you hopefully purchased plus the dictation of the speaker. You will need all of this plus your google search engine to ask google some questions that are just not found anywhere in all of the material I just told you about. I passed the third time by printing the seven articles and reading them once. No one tells you but moving forward I am doing this for all modules. Good info to have but no one told me. I thought it was for general reading and essay choices.

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