Inspecting with Drones Virtual Meeting

December Virtual meeting 12/15/2020 7PM EST

“Inspecting with Drones - Requirements, Training and Services”



I wish I was down your way, that sounds like fun!

Zoom virtual meeting you can attend from anywhere and it’s open to all who are interested.

I zoomed a lot and it is not he same as in person for me, I’m afraid…but thanks.

Yep I get the Zoom burnout but unfortunately it’s the reality of the current situation and best alternative option to not being able to have in person meetings or doing nothing.

@kbrittain I am interested in the virtual meeting inspecting with drones. keep me in the loop.

I will post a reminder on the day of the meeting

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Okay, great.


Thanks to Nic Conely and Erik Steiner with Dronegenuity for taking the time to support our zoom meeting and a great informational presentation on Drone training requirements and service opportunities.

For more information visit their website or their You Tube page

Posted video to our Chapter Website Video Page (scroll down to bottom of page)