Inspection Agreement

I’m trying to revamp my inspection agreement and curious how detailed your IE is. I noticed there are several here floating around but which one to use.

Thanks, Randy

You can look at mine located at:

Of course, always check with your business attorney and Insurance company for their input/suggestions/requirements.

Ha. Another Farnsworth? Are you from Farnsworth, Texas?

I say if you cant figure out the lingo,neither can your client.
Simple and to the point they will not claim they never knew what they were signing.

In Texas a 2005 appeals court ruled the inspector can limit their liability. The notice should be distinct and initialed by the client.

A subsequent case referred to the Head V US Inspect ruling.

Keep in mind TREC requires 100% perfection regardless of what the civil courts say. TREC, TAR and trial lawyers will certainly try to make the inspector be more liable with future statute and courts can always change their minds.

Thanks for the input!

Never been to Farnsworth, Tx. but thought it would be funny to stand in front of the sign.


Nick, I have read your postings and do agree why re-event the wheel when it is here for us.

I was just curious what others have done.

Incredible amount of information, still bogles my mind.

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I am a Texas HI serving the Ellis County area. If you would like to look at my HI Agreement, here is the link: Home Inspection Agreement

Good Luck!
David Selman
Selman Home Inspections