Inspection hat. First one to reply wins. Merry Christmas.

Please post your name and city if you want this gift. If you fail to include your name or city, your post will be ignored (our shipping department needs that information to know who you are).

Unless instructed otherwise, we’ll ship to the address you have on file in your member profile.

If you want to play to win… but don’t really want/need the gift, already have the item, or are worried about being a gift hog :wink:, post the word “PASS” and we’ll give it to the next member who posts.

Merry Christmas!

Gifts given by

Jim Coleman
Edmond, OK

Please ship to:
Jim Coleman
12801 Fox Hole Rd
Edmond, OK 73034

Timothy J. Smith
North Augusta, ON Canada

Dan Levia
Red Deer

Thank You.
Darrell Freshour 5012 Silver Arrow Dr Dayton, Ohio 45424
Darrell’s Home Inspections

Ron Cleland
Hutchinson, MN

Chuck Evans
Stagecoach, TX


Roy Drangstveit
Elko New Market MN

Here is what it looks like:

Jim, what color would you like??

What color would you like?