Inspection industry unifies and creates mega-database:

I am pleased to announce that NACHI has purchesed accesss to the EveryInspector database. NACHI Chapters can now receive a regularly updated list of ALL inspectors in their area and NACHI staff can more efficiently advertise NACHI events.

BTW, I’m working with RealMatcher on a mega database of every real estate professional in N. America which every NACHI member will be able to access for marketing purposes.

Nick you just don’t stop helping your fellow man keep up the good work!

Chicago NACHI would love to have regularly updated information, however, can’t afford the $3500.00 cost.
Is NACHI footing the bill ?

I was wondering the same thing. That’s a big chunk O’ cash.

How does this work?

Yes, NACHI bought access to the entire database and can provide Chapter heads with the inspectors in any state at no charge. All FREE.

Thanks Nick. :slight_smile:

Way to go Nick, life for chapters just got alot easier. :smiley: :smiley:

Easioer by Light - years!
I’m in - makes my US-wide job a lot less stressful!

In Canada you say?

Yes there are many inspectors in the database from Canada as well. We are constantly working to expand and update it, and are currently developing the coverage for Canadian Provinces.

This is my first time on the message board. I am NACHI’s Events Publicist. I handle the advertising for all of the NACHI chapter meetings and events. I also manage the development and distibution of the EveryInspector database.

So, hello to everyone!

Megan Boswell

Hello Megan, welcome to the message board!!! :smiley: Do you know any Boswell’s in Ontario, Canada??

Not that I know of. Why, do you? I’ve not been to Canada yet myself. Hopefully get to visit soon. I’ve got a great friend in BC.

You now have friends all over North America. Yes I use to work with a man for 32 years named Wayne Boswell.

It’s good to have friends. :wink:

Please put Chicago on the list to receive this information

Update: We registered the domain and have begun building the database of every real estate agent in N. America for use by members.

Nachi Benefits are like the bunny that just keeps going and going.
Well done Nick

Way Too Awesome!!!

According to the agents at this AM’s MLS meeting, it’s “inevitable” that banks will be able to become property sales agents, in the near future (the REALTORs were not happy about that).

Nick, you may as well start populating with those bankers who have the ability to foreclose . . .