Inspection questions

Good day. I am interested in becoming a home inspector and had a couple of questions.

  1. What type of insurance would I have to have and how much is it yearly?

  2. Would I have to have a business license to be a home inspector?

Thank you for answering!


Answers to your questions will vary depending on what state you are located in, or intend to do business.

Agreed, typically Errors and omissions, amount will vary depending on how much coverage you need, and the minimum amount needed varies by state law. Same with business license, start with looking up your secretary of state and state contractors board.

Also, see if there is a local InterNachi group and join it, they’ll have a lot of useful answers for your area!


The requirement of a business license is usually on a local level.

I strongly recommend you form an LLC or S corporation for your business to lessen the risk of potential liability to your personal assets.

Talk to a good accountant.

Mark others have told me LLC does not protect anything.
Judges are stupid when you are a one man operation ?

I can understand multi inspector doing it however.
To me that is just more fees out of my pocket.

This is what I was told in the State of TX.

If you don’t run your LLC or corporation properly, you could be liable for its debts.

Update your info so we know where you are.

What are the reasons you think you will make a good home inspector?

What is your experience that leads you to this career?

Sure looks like a lot of bother and complication distracting you from the goal of making $$$
I do not want to wear a pirate shirt and I do not want to play a bookkeeper .

Why not just put everything in your wifes name and be legally poor.
R.R says that is what he does ?