Inspection tip guys

When doing the kitchen with a GE dishwasher not brand new I recommend you check the serial number against the CSPC site list.
I checked of them on two jobs in a row and caught two on the list.
It is a big list.
These can be fire hazards.

Thanks for the info, and after googling, I never realized there were so many.

Maybe someone at INACHI could come up with a user-friendly appliance recall list…
My list is a bunch of printed out pages from CPSC stapled together.

I believe Russell is trying to put together a service for this. I don’t have any specifics as to how it works or what the cost will be. We’ll have to wait and see what he comes out with.

I check every appliance for recalls - found some very high end units recalled (Bosch, Wolf, Viking, SubZero) as well as the cheap ones. Maytag and GE also have a bunch. My clients love it. go here -

I also check the temp of the oven set at 400 degrees after preheat. Showed one client (they were buying the house they were renting) that the oven temp went to 460 when set to 400. She turned to her husband and said “See, I didn’t burn that roast, it was the oven”, then winked at me and said “Thanks”. All I could do was smile.