Inspector Committee meeting

The next inspector committee meeting is 3-19. TREC legal has determined that inspectors cannot limit liability in a contract and must pay for any error in reporting required by the Standards. They also want insurance increased from 100k to 300k. The meeting is to discuss how that will be done. Send your comments to and Post your comments on the forum as well.

How long will your inspection take and what will it cost under this interpretation.

TREC Legal should be asked to comment on Mireles v Drapela and Head v US Inspects.

I presented Head v US Inspect at the last meeting (video on TREC site). Deputy General Counsel Worman stated that the 2007 insurance statute made those court decisions obsolete. She is steadfast in her opinion. She is interpreting contract law and creating new law. I am elevating it to General Counsel and the Commissioners this week.

This entire charade started because TREC wanted to raise insurance to 300k in 2015 and it failed. This time they are playing a dangerous game of overstating requirements to invoke concession from inspectors and I think it is backfiring on them. Why a state agency has to operate in such deceptive ways astounds me.

I will answer the question I asked. 2000 foot 1976 slab home valued at $300k. Guarantee all defects will be found or paid for. Cost of inspection for $100,000 responsibility would be 4% or $12,000. The inspection would take 5 days. The report would be 400 pages long. If I cannot make a living doing that then I can rake it in as a plaintiffs expert. Inspections will become unavailable and TAR will faint. NO ONE can perform to Ms. Worman’s demands which imply she has no clue what inspection or public protection is about.

TREC, Everyone knows you are reading this. Tell us why you hate home inspectors.

If TREC wishes to protect consumers then they should be requiring mandatory E&O for all licensed RE Salespeople and Brokers. Any consumer looking at the “TREC Disciplinary Actions Page HERE”]( can see that requiring mandatory E&O for Agents can greatly protect consumers!

It is interesting for Inspectors, and consumers should be alarmed, that TREC is attempting to further restrict access to Inspectors with onerous rules/laws to force good Inspectors out of the industry!

John is there an easy way to find the video on the wonderfully easy to use website

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