Inspector missed bathroom vent and doorbell

After my inspection concluded, I also had a roofer take a look at my roof as my inspector said it was near the end of its life. The roofer pointed out to me that the bathroom is not vented outside properly and the bathroom fan/vent is bringing all the moisture into my attic and not outside as it doesn’t have any further vents going to the exterior of the home. I don’t want mold or moisture problems in the future. My inspector marked the bathroom exhaust fan as “good and no issues were reported”. However, it is clear if he was looking at that from the attic he would have seen that.

Then come to find out the doorbells do not work and if I would’ve known this I would have been able to negotiate these problems. He noted the doorbell as operated normally when tested… I closed and moved in on November 17th. These problems were not brought to my attention at the time of the inspection, in fact they were both noted as good, when clearly there not in good condition and are not fully functioning.

Do I contact the inspector or is this who I contact first?

You should contact the home inspector first. Good luck.

Call the inspector and ask him to come back out. Having said that, here are some thoughts:

Occasionally the doorbell is on a GFCI, have you checked to see if any GFCI are tripped? I have run in to this on inspections before and its possible the doorbell did work when he tested it then he tripped and forgot to reset a GFCI somewhere. Also and this isnt the right way it should be done but did the roofer go into the attic or just tell you that he didnt see the bathroom vent coming out of the roof? Handymen will sometimes vent the bathroom out of a soffit vent which isnt as bad as directly venting it into the attic but still is not correct.

I would ask the inspector to pay for the missed defects, not to come back out. In fact, I would also seriously consider hiring someone else to do another inspection, as it sounds like the OP got shafted with a “patty-cake” inspection. Who knows what else was missed, or not reported on, as these are easy-peasy items that any competent individual should’ve reported on and/or at least made the buyer aware of.

A good inspector will know, just be doing the exterior inspection, whether the bath fan is vented properly to the exterior.

I don’t agree with this. Usually, it’s worse, as the “moisture distribution” is now localized.

Did the home seller disclose these items on the Disclosure statement? Surely they would have known the doorbell didn’t work! What exactly was wrong with the venting? How was it installed? What made it a defective install. Can’t always trust roofers with venting. Most of the issues are caused by them taking shortcuts. It’s also a common fact they oversell things to increase profits. They know you won’t be getting on the roof to verify the situation. Don’t jump to blaming the inspector until you have a civil conversation with him.

“My roofer says the inspector missed it, he should have seen this.”

Call the inspector, like the others said and give him an opportunity to explain.

Regarding the doorbell, I call them out if they don’t work. HOWEVER, a doorbell is a low voltage device and we are not required to report on anything low voltage.

Might check the battery too. Some of the newer buttons have a battery.