Inspector needed in Palm Bay, Florida.

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I’m having a house built by Renar Homes and they require the inspector to have workman’s comp coverage to go into the home. If you are a certified inspector whose company has worker’s comp coverage please call me at 321 698-2404. The inspection needs to be completed in mid to late March in Palm Bay, Florida. Thank you! Betty

On last nights news they were reporting on Renar Homes. They had about 3000 homes fail during the four hurricanes we have had in the last two years. The owners are looking for class action status. With that being the case I am not surprised that they require WC. Just one more way of insuring that the inspector does not get on their job.

Greg… I see “expert witness” in your future resume.

Hi Greg;

Don’t they mean workers comp if you have employees? In California workers comp is a NON issue if your a self employed one man show. You can’t purchase workers comp insurance on yourself. I do have builders all the time that request your General Liability Insurance prior to performing the inspection. Richmond American required $2,000,000.00 in coverage for a complex in Irvine, CA. I only have $1,000,000.00 and had to pass on the job… That is the only time in 20 years that I’ve been refused access to a property based on insurance requirements.

Hi Will,

WC is not a requirement for anyone with less than 4 employees (at least the last time I looked into it). In this case I do believe that it is a way for the builder to keep out most inspectors. Only the multi-inspector firms have WC. If you think E&O is bad wait until you price WC.

At the convention I did learn that the big multi-inspector firms here in Florida are planning a media blitz highlighting that your inspector should have WC and the liability that the consumer assumes by hiring an inspector that does not have it. It is my understanding that they believe this will increase their market share. So those of you that live in markets with many multi-inspector firms should plan for adding this cost in the future.

Workman’s Compensation Insurance can be obtained for a single employee.

Cost is reasonable and can add to your bottom line as this illustration with Renar homes shows.

In Arizona I also obtained a Workers Compensation Certificate for my company…then as the owner I was able to sign a waiver that my wages not be included in the calculation for the premiums…after I got rid of all my employees…I still had the Workers Compensation insurance with premiums of $0.00

Something to think about…

Come and shop for WC in Florida. It is anything but reasonable. I am sure that it varies from state to state. When I looked into it several years ago it was 32% with a $8000 initial premium…

Wow…Doesn’t the premium depend on the industry?

Yes it does. Roofers here are over 100% now.

I looked into WC, it was going cost me around $6,000 It is just another way the builders use to keep us from inspecting there poorly built homes.

So this means that Renor is as good as US Homes in Florida ?

Years ago, while managing a remodel of a home next to a new development, I watched a Building Inspector look at the foundations, wire mesh, rebar and footers of five houses. He signed the boards got in his car and drove away. Within minutes the Super had crews removing the mesh and rebar and load it all into a truck. Suddenly the Inspector comes back around the corner and catches them in the act. The Inspector thought hehad forgotten to sign one of the boards and had come back to double check. That Super was forced to bust up six slabs until they found wire mesh and rebar. Guess who the builder was ? Good ole’ US Homes. Bad reputation for quite awhile.