Inspectors needed in California, Arkansas, Louisiana, AL and MS

Hi Everyone
My name is David Keough and have been a NACHI member since 2003. We started in South Florida and moved up to AL in 2004. My company started doing HUD single family residential foreclosed property condition reports in October of 2004. We started doing these in one State and have now secured contracts in five States. The inspections are called a Property Condition Report, pretty much telling the future buyers of what the condition of the HUD properties are. Most do not have utilities on so the systems need to be checked by energizing the house(with a generator) to check the electric and HVAC. We also must use an air compressor to pressurize the water supply lines to see if they hold pressure. All these properties are vacant and you are able to set up your own schedule when you want to go out to them. Turn around time is five days with forms and photos submitted.
We currently are looking for inspectors in the entire State of California, Arkansas, Louisiana and Alabama. Also in MS south of I-20. If anyone is interested please email me at

These inspections can be a nice filler job if only taking a small area or a full time job if you want larger areas. We got into this looking for filler work and it has become a full time job plus.
We are starting CA at the beginning of August. Inventory shows approx 80-120 per month and rising at approx 10% a month for the past three months. AR we are averaging 80 a month for the past 3 months
LA we are averaging 40 a month for the past 3 months. AL approx 125. MS about 30 from I-20 South.

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in please contact me. Several other states are in negotiations and will let others know when they come in.

Thanks Again
Dave Keough