Insufficient Return Air??

Does this install allow sufficient return air? This is the only return on a zoned system with the filter right at the top of the stairwell.

I seem to recall about 180 sq inches needed for a 3 ton unit.

The install itself is ugly… and yes it’s New Construction.

2415 Thoreau 086.jpg

2415 Thoreau 085.jpg

2415 Thoreau 083.jpg

That sucks,or should I say it doesn’t.
Your right it is not enough.
Got a 7pm and hope it is better than that.
I assume from your comment this is at least a two story job.

The workmanship is poor, at least. Looks like the person doesn’t know how to squeegee down their tape, and also looks like they used leftover fire alarm cable for the thermostat wiring.

It’s a 1700’ ft two story home…

1700sf typically has a 20x25 filter

This one had a 14x30 filter but only a 14x16 hole in the actual wall for the free air which was then reduced to about 13x9 as it runs under the air handler…:shock:

I actually think it would have been better to place a louvered door in the room and simple bottom filter installation…

But’s that why I’m asking the HVAC gurus out there… I’m not one, but I play one on TV…:mrgreen:

Nope going to be very noisy and almost guaranteed hot spots

Definatly poor workmanship…I would defer to a contractor for further evaluation.

Whom do you suppose installed this in the first place me thinks you need to evulate the evaluator.

Is this the only unit for a two story home? Around here, you almost always see two units, even if it is a zoned system. Workmanship, unfortunately, looks a lot like some that was done when my home was built !!

Forbid they use a micro filter.

when sizing duct, most professional HVAC people use the CFM approach which is warrented for each install. i have no idea total length of duct and sizing throughout so I could not say off hand what size return is needed. You really can’t judge air flow by duct work. BUT, looking at pics, I can say it is definetly needs to be tidied up and checked by HVAC pros

Uusally try to design about 400 cfm per ton and return ducts about 20% larger than supply…so from a local HVAC supplier catalogue “INFO” section:
If all zones were calling for AC together, you would need about 270 sq in for return air.