Can anyone please confirm what this type of insulation is? Does it usually contain asbestos.
(I believe it’s rockwool and usually doesn’t contain asbestos but need clarification.)


It looks like Cellulose Charles.

It’s made from paper and treated to make it fire retardant.

And no it should not contain Asbestos.

Agree, it looks like fiber cellulose. No asbestos.

Vermiculite is the insulation that should be tested for asbestos content prior to escrow.

Here is a pic :

I agree with Michael and Mark

Here is a picture of vermiculite for you in case you have not come across it, from one of my last inspections always lift to see what is under newer insulation.

I sent away 26 samples of vermiculite last year and only two of them came back contaminated with asbestos ( about 8%). Does anyone else have any figures about samples / contamination? To the best of my knowledge, in every case, contaminated or not, the purchaser had the stuff ripped out prior to purchasing the houses.

This is most likely shreadded newsprint and treated with borax as a fire retardent.
It was used mostly from 1978 to 1985 as a retro fit. If it becomes wet its insulating properties are greately diminished.

T.Neyedli CHI

Zonolite is the brand name of vermiculite that is known to have some asbestos fibers in it.

There was a class action against Grace Dearborne (the company that supplied it) and Canadians with it in their attic are eligable for some compensation.


Great Info, thanks guys

The photo on the right looks like itchless fibreglass made by Johns Manville and has an R 2.66 per inch thickness.
More info at
I had to calculate the R value from the total R divided by the thickness listed on JM’s site. The R value had some variation between different batt thicknesses so I interpolated.

The left photo looks like cellulose. CMHC rated at R 3 to 3.7 per inch thickness. Cellulose is ground up paper treated with mould inhibitors and fire retardants.