Insurance for Asbestos/Lead Testing?

I recently renewed my asbestos certification with the EPA (NJ doesn’t have their own program) only to find my insurance won’t cover asbestos testing. It sounds like most home inspector policies will not cover it. Is there any way to get get insurance for this and lead testing? I haven’t gotten my lead cert yet but now I think I should hold off until I can confirm I can get insurance.

For reference I was a building inspector and project manager of hazardous materials for 15 years prior to becoming a home inspector. I mostly worked for engineering or environmental firms on large commercial projects, so I have a lot of experience. I was hoping to supplement the slow times (like now!) with my former area of expertise and already have begun lining up potential jobs so hopefully I can find insurance to make this work.

Just a quick Google search to see what I came up with. Perhaps you can begin here to see what’s what?


Thanks, even though that is for abatement they still might be able to help. I’ll shoot them an email.

That was my thought. Perhaps a lead to go on.

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Yep, I sent them an email, thanks! I’m surprised that didn’t come up in my search. What did you enter for the google search?

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occupational insurance for asbestos testing NJ

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