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I am a new inspector in the state of MD and I am in the process of setting up my business. My question is about insurance. I wanted to know if I need to get E&O or can I just get liability. I know an inspector who has been working for some time now in the state and he told me all I needed was liability. If there are any inspectors operating in MD. who could shine some light on the subject I would appreciate it. Thanks.


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I'm working in Cecil county, Md and New Castle, Del. Technically, the Maryland home inspector laws that have been passed are not currently funded and are not being enforced. The new Maryland home inspector laws do require General liabilty but no E+O. To answer your question, as of now all you need is a business license in Maryland. I would definately suggest at least general liability $300-$400 per year. I find the best E+O for a newbie so far would be the FREA candidate policy at slightly under $4000 per year. FREA does have a monthly payment option also. Hope this helps.

Also, if anyone out there has any updates on Maryland, please share!