Interesting way to fill a tub

From today’s inspection


Always something new, eh Stephen?

I think I saw one similar on here a while back and it made me wonder if there was anything up in the ceiling that needed maintenance, ever.

Anyway new to me. Thanks.

Question #5 :cowboy_hat_face:
Stephen must have been in a fancy/schmancy place!

Thanks for sharing I suddenly have the urge to take a leak. Reminds me of the trough urinals at the Chicago Bears stadium 30 years ago😊


I inspected a place with a tub like that a few months back. It is cool, but so far as function…kind of a fail. It splashed so much until there were 3 inches of water in the tub, the surrounding area was drenched by the time it was ready to be used.
If curious, mine was from a MLB player’s old house that will be in the hall of fame, and selling after he was traded from the Mariners to the Mets. The house had all sorts of new things I had not seen in common houses. This was the only one that I thought poorly of.