interior crack

Tell me what you guys and gals think about this crack. There use to be a wall heater there which was removed. It look like to me like the plaster on the wall is juct crack no structural problem there.

crack on living room wall (Small) (WinCE).JPG


It would be great if you posted larger pics.

If that’s plaster, then it appears to be a settlement crack.
Plaster cracks can not be repaired. They will only crack again.

Simple fix…Remove plaster and substitute with drywall or simply drywall the entire room (right over the plaster) with 1/4’ drywall.

Cracks can be repaired! And depending on what the cause was they can come back.

Please fill me in…How do you repair a plaster crack?

With more plaster material and bonding agent/glue. Structolite,gypsolite,Diamond finish.
Molding plaster. And some knowledge of the trade.


Have fun sealing that same crack every year.

No David. Are you saying there are not problems with sheet rock? If it needs repair every year there is other problems.

Cracked plaster walls can also be overlayed with thin drywall. I think we used quarter-inch. No demo that way but there may be problems with trim, depending on the home.