InterNACHI and Boulder County EnergySmart partner to provide Home Energy Inspections.

InterNACHI and Boulder County EnergySmart have partnered to provide Home Energy Inspections and free home energy-saving services to home buyers and sellers.

Boulder County is paying home inspectors to perform InterNACHI Home Energy Inspections.
With $12 million in seed funding from the (, EnergySmart is working to prompt homeowners and businesses in Boulder County into energy-saving action. Since January 2011, EnergySmart has paired each participating homeowner and business owner with an Energy Advisor—an expert who helps move them from assessment to upgrade with minimal hassle. Pairing financing incentives with step-by-step assistance has effectively addressed many key barriers in the energy-upgrade process, resulting in energy improvements and happier customers.

Starting in June 2012, nearly 300 InterNACHI-Certified Professional Inspectors® in Colorado will be providing added benefit to Boulder County homebuyers at the point of sale by performing Home Energy Inspections and linking their inspection results to EnergySmart Advisors.

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Home Energy Inspection Tool and Score