InterNACHI booth at Trade Show in NW Moose Jaw, SK on April 18-19, 2009

Booth manned (personed) by member Amy Erb of

Thanks Amy!

Thank you Nick for all you do.

I need to get a Moose Jaw visa in my passport.

Where exactly is Moose Jaw?

lol :mrgreen:
It’s in Saskatchewan. Here’s a link.

About 30 miles from Dog River:mrgreen:

Way to go Amy.


Great job Amy

Keep up the good work, Amy!

hey guys, thanks
i dont know where dog river is but, we are about 2hours above montana border.
got my shirts, pens, magnets, window decals, hats, pull overs, and door prize, i think im ready.

Nice…hope it goes well for you.

Amy (or Eragorn), are you and Eragorn Northe (or Amy Erb) business partners, the same person or some such?..just wondering about the different names.:smiley:

Just south east of you on hwy 39 aka Rouleau

"Where exactly is Moose Jaw?"

(PSSST ! JOSEPH! It’s at the front end!)

Your right , te he , its in Saskatchewan 30 minutes from the capital Regina
Are you coming to visit?

I drove through Dog River a couple times last spring before I left trucking. It was before they started shooting the show, so it looked like an abandoned gas station.I used to drive through Moosejaw almost every week on my way to and from Alberta, sometimes stopping at the XL Beef plant for a pick up. You’re a hardy bunch out there, coldest place I’ve ever been.