InterNACHI developing a virtual House of Horrors in 3D for you to inspect online.

The 3D virtual *House of Horrors *will have thousands of possible defects that are randomly embedded in millions of versions of the training home. Inspectors can fly through and around the home (as if on an actual live inspection) looking for defects. Optional scoring permits the training tool to be used as a fun video game for inspectors.

Attached are a few still shots from the work being done in development of this training tool. However, the two-dimensional PICs don’t really convey the amazing experience of being able to move about a 3D home in virtual reality.

I’ll keep everyone updated as this project progresses.

Wow can’t wait! Very cool

I see defects already but I will not tell anyone Nick.:mrgreen:

cool idea

That sounds super fun. Will you be able to keep score and verify what you think you find?

An attached deck. That’ll be a mother load of potential errors. :slight_smile:

Nick, this could be a great tool for New inspectors to use as mentored inspections to help them be eligible for better insurance rates. Is there going to be a report that they can fill out as they use this to make it more real?

Good Idea Nick…keeping the brain stimulated helps prevent Alzheimer’s…if I remember right.

thats bad *** Nick. I did 3d cad modeling of industrial plants in my previous life

Can’t wait for this

Super idea Nick!

So impressed the education just keeps on improving at SuperNachi!

Looks great so far, can’t wait to see where you take it from there.

Cool…can’t wait to check it out!